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Tusker Paul Gilshan

Are you happy with your EV?

ELECTRIC vehicle drivers have reported more than 90% satisfaction in their choice of an electric vehicle on salary sacrifice when compared with their previous petrol or diesel car according to a new survey by fleet management and leasing business Tusker.

85% reported their EV as being more enjoyable to drive than their previous petrol or diesel car and a further 81% reported that their EV’s range is sufficient for their needs.

While the average mileage driven per week has risen to between 100-200 miles per week in 2023, this has not dented the positive perception of EV range. 60% of drivers are now covering between 51-200 miles a week, and 27% covering more than 200 miles a week. Based on these average mileages, overall, 82% of drivers only need to only charge once a week to cover off their driving needs.

However, even with these findings, the survey has shown there is room for improvement with the UK’s charging network, as 62% of drivers believe improved public charging infrastructure would enhance their EV experience.

Confirming the belief that drivers who have made the switch to an EV are happy to have done so, these latest findings prove that zero emission motoring is fast becoming an accepted, mainstream choice, and that more than half of those who do not currently drive an EV are considering one for their next vehicle.

In a national survey of more than 5,000 drivers by Tusker, (359 non-EV Tusker drivers, 1,549 Tusker EV drivers and 3,176 drivers who are not a Tusker customer), 92% of Tusker’s EV drivers were satisfied with the driving experience, with 81% of EV drivers overall reporting that the experience was preferable to that of their previous petrol or diesel car. Salary sacrifice has helped get more people into an EV, with price and available savings being given as the top reasons for choosing a car on the scheme, followed by the inclusive package.

Paul Gilshan, CEO at Tusker said: “It’s great to see first-hand that drivers continue to embrace EVs as the future of motoring. With more and more drivers realising the advantage of doing so via a salary sacrifice car benefit scheme, Tusker continues to see its order book grow while tailpipe emissions fall. We will continue to build on this momentum, and encourage more motorists into new, affordable, and zero emission cars via our schemes, to deliver value and sustainability to employees across the UK.”

Gilshan added; “While satisfaction is high, and arguably there has never been a better time to drive an EV, there is clearly more work that needs to be done to ensure the UK’s public charging infrastructure is suitably robust for the needs of its drivers, both today and in the future.”





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