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Data shows EV tyres lasting 6,350 miles fewer than petrol or diesel

The first tyre change for electric cars is taking place at an average of 17,985 miles and 551 days old, compared to 24,641 miles and 585 days for hybrids, and 24,335 and 670 days for petrol and diesel cars.


Peugeot opens order book for new E-308

The new E-308 is Peugeot’s first all-electric C-segment vehicle, powered by a new electric powertrain consisting of a 115kW (156hp) electric motor and a 54kWh battery providing a range of up to 257 miles (WLTP). A heat pump is included as standard for greater efficiency and comfort.

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ICE ban delay throws industry into turmoil

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said the government is committed to reaching net zero by 2050 – but in a “more proportionate way”. A 2035 deadline is in line with EU plans, but will mean that the UK will no longer take the lead in the Road to Zero.


MFG passes 500 ultra-rapid charger milestone

MFG hubs comprise between four and eight Ultra-Rapid 150kW EV Chargers per site. 150kW chargers can add 100 miles range in approximately 10 minutes, subject to the charging capability of individual car batteries. These will be augmented with 300kW and 400kW chargers as vehicle battery technology improves to maintain the fastest charging times across the MFG network, ensuring that MFG remains first choice for EV drivers across the UK

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Electric cars soar in ownership over past three years 

The region with the highest increase in hybrid electric vehicles is Northern Ireland, with a 133% increase in ownership. England is the region with the lowest increase in hybrid electric vehicles, having only a 78% increase over the last three years. 

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Allstar unveils EV payment solution

Allstar Chargepass is the UK’s only solution that allows fleet and business electric vehicles to be charged at home and on the road, eliminating the need for separate transactions, and offering customers a single monthly invoice. This also applies to businesses operating mixed fleets (electric and fuel), giving them ultimate flexibility across their total fuel and charging expense.

HFD Finance Director Stuart Teape

Fleet Alliance reports strong uptake in EV salary sacrifice

Fleet management specialist, Fleet Alliance said that since the start of this year, dozens of companies have taken advantage of its salary sacrifice scheme, which is aimed primarily at SMEs but which is available to businesses of all sizes.  A typical example is Glasgow-based full-service property, data services and energy provider, HFD, which has introduced a salary scheme with Fleet Alliance for all 135 of its employees.

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Peugeot unveils new E-3008

The new E-3008 will replace the best-selling Peugeot 3008, a car that has impressed more than 1,320,000 customers in 130 countries for seven years. By 2025, the brand will offer a complete battery electric line-up, and by 2030, 100% of the brand’s sales in Europe will be electric.

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Electric cars soar in ownership over past three years 

Data shows that private ownership of hybrid electric vehicles has risen by 83% across the United Kingdom, while ownership of fully electric vehicles has risen by 178%.  Ownership has fallen over the past three years for traditional fuels like petrol and diesel. Diesel cars have had the largest decrease of 3% over this time. 

The Motability Go Charge app being used at an Osprey charging station

New app trials accessibility of the public charging network for disabled people

The collaboration will allow Motability Scheme EV drivers to find a location on Osprey’s GB-wide rapid charging network, charge, and pay through the Motability Go Charge App before reviewing the location for accessibility. This seamless charging and billing, combined with the visibility of reviews from peers on the App, will help to improve Motability Scheme drivers’ confidence in choosing and using public charging.





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