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Vauxhall offers additional £2,000 deposit contribution on EVs

During The Vauxhall Event, which runs from 14-29 February, customers purchasing a Mokka Electric Design 136PS on finance can benefit from a Vauxhall deposit contribution of £9,500. PCP payments of £349 per month can be spread over a longer period thanks to Vauxhall’s five-year PCP.

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One year’s free charging with Vauxhall and Tesco

Tesco holds 2,700 charging bays across 619 Tesco stores nationwide making it the country’s largest supermarket charging network, with a mix of 7kW, 22kW, 50kW and 75kW charging stations. While the charge points are accessible for all EV drivers, new Vauxhall retail customers who purchase an electric Vauxhall car or van direct from a Vauxhall retailer will be able to benefit from one year’s worth of free charging credit when visiting Tesco.


Sad farewell to our Suzuki Across PHEV

One spell covering some six weeks and well over 1,000 miles saw an mpg return of 148.5! On a longer 250+ mile round trip with the petrol engine doing all the work, the Suzuki returned 44.8mpg which is nothing to be sniffed at. Overall, the return over the full 2,121 miles averaged out at 95.06mpg while the battery consumed an average of 2.8 miles per kWh


Discounts on electric cars have increase 204% in 12 months

Analysis of the discounts available through What Car?’s New Car Deals service has revealed that, from January 2023 to January this year, the average cash and finance discount on EVs rose by 204% (from 2.4% to 7.5%). This equates to a £3149 increase in the saving and means the average combined cash and finance discount for EVs is worth £4603. 

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Better range labelling on e-vans critical to adoption

WLTP labelling for vans needs to cover not just a load-free vehicle in warm conditions but a variety of payload and weather variations. Ideally, we’d end up with a grid that perhaps showed how vans operated with no load, a medium load and a full load in warm, normal and cold conditions.


Shadow Roads Minister says Labour will reintroduce 2030 ICE sales ban

Esterson said the reintroduction of the 2030 deadline would give confidence to investors and help encourage consumers to make the switch to electric. This comes after RECHARGE UK’s industry survey highlighted the importance of the 2030 deadline which if not reinstated could cost the UK over £100 million in investment.

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Do your homework when switching to EV

Despite increasing numbers of motorists making the switch, a new survey of MotorEasy members has revealed that continuing challenges with the cost of charging, access to public charging and the apps used to facilitate charging are damaging the ownership electric vehicle (EV) experience.

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Compleo Unveils Revolutionary 200 kW High Power EV Charger

With the capability to deliver 200 kW ultra-fast charging for two vehicles simultaneously, the charger allows EVs to tackle hundreds of miles in less than half an hour. The charge point’s innovative power distribution system ensures power is shared where it’s needed most.

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Ohme and Motability Operations ensure no driver is left behind in EV transition

With an estimated 130,000 EVs expected to join Motability Operations’ fleet over the next 18 months, its collaboration with Ohme in 2023 alone has helped to save more than 13,500 tonnes of CO2 – the same amount absorbed by around 550,000 trees per year.

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Used EV sales almost double in 2023

Bucking the grey trend in the new market, black cars were the most popular used purchases, with more than 1.5 million buyers (21.4%) choosing the colour. Grey, however, increased its ranking, displacing blue to take second place. At the niche end of the spectrum, 4,870 buyers opted for pink, while 4,686 cream cars found new owners, and maroon represented 4,585 transactions.





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