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Charging Infrastructure

Free to charge – around the UK without paying

 More than a tenth of the UK’s 35,000 public chargers are free to use, and Peugeot has plotted a 2,688-mile journey around the coastline of mainland Britain to highlight the extent of the cost-saving infrastructure. Starting at Land’s End, the route runs along England’s southern and eastern coasts, up through Scotland via John O’Groats before returning to Land’s End through Wales using only free public chargers.

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Fiesta party’s over – Ford Fiesta review

Latest generation technologies help ensure new Fiesta is better equipped for intelligent, connected driving experiences. LED headlights are for the first time introduced to all Fiesta variants, with advanced Matrix LED technology available that offers Glare-Free High Beam functionality and can also adapt headlight beam patterns for better visibility in challenging conditions.

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Charging Infrastructure

Gridserve opens latest Electric Forecourt

The latest innovation in public charging is suitable for all EV drivers with two CCS connectors with long cables, contactless payment and easy access for wheelchair users, and its positioning at the site allows for HGVs and cars towing caravans to charge with ease. The installation of this ABB Terra 360 charger is a trial of this cutting-edge technology for Gridserve which, if successful, could become a regular at Electric Forecourts and Electric Super Hubs.

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Will rising cost of energy mean the UK won’t be ready for 2030?

It’s not the strongest environment at the moment for buyer confidence. There might be a higher upfront cost in going electric but the longer-term saving is substantial.

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Beware the EV parking queue charge

While workshop costs for some EVs represent substantial savings over their petrol and diesel equivalents, this cannot be assumed. Also, the number of times that EVs visit garages for maintenance or repair and the amount of time they spend unavailable off road are consistently similar to petrol or diesel vehicles – and these servicing factors very much represent a substantial cost to businesses.

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Charging Infrastructure

EV Charging: saving the environment or breaking the bank?

The true cost of electric charging is the question on everyone’s mind, but the answer is anything but simple. This can depend on multiple things, including whether or not the charging station is public or private.

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Hyundai opens world’s first car powered hotel

The IONIQ 5 is able to power the hotel and its experiences using its V2L feature that supplies AC power (230V/50Hz) up to a maximum of 3.6kW (or 15 Amps) power consumption. An adapter from the car provides a socket into which standard domestic appliances can be plugged into.

Andrew Leech PR

EVs remain cost effective despite rising electricity charges

Oil production is now said to be at the lowest levels since the pandemic when demand was driven down by the impact of the coronavirus lockdown. This has led to pump price rises across the board with the average UK price of diesel reaching 186ppl and that of unleaded 164ppl according to the latest figures from the RAC, although regional figures may be higher.


New subscription-based EV scheme aims to lower costs

The new subscription model from The Electric Car Scheme differs from traditional leases available through salary sacrifice, which have multi-year terms and typically lock out startups by requiring that any company using the scheme have traded for two years or more.

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Charging Infrastructure

Ohme is smart charging choice for VW Group

Agreement will see five Volkswagen Group brands recommend Ohme chargers for all of its electrified vehicle sales with an Ohme Home Pro charger in showrooms for customers to view.




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