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Clenergy puts customer choice at the heart of EV driving

CLENERGY EV has announced multiple new strategic partnerships, designed to put customer choice at the heart of EV driving.

Launching in time for Christmas, drivers will now have access to a wider range of PAYG chargers and the option to pay with contactless cards if that functionality has been enabled on the charge points.

The new ‘e-roaming’ partnerships include the likes of Shell Recharge, Total, Ionity, Osprey, Charge Point inc, EVBox and Power Dot, among many others. And will offer Clenergy EV customers using its EV driver App the ability to locate, connect, and charge their EV instantly from a wider choice of charge points than last year. This means they can now take advantage of 250,000 charge points across 42 countries in Europe using the Clenergy EV app, their bank card, Apple or Google pay, or a pre-loaded Clenergy card in case of a wifi blackspot.

Further partnerships with Payter and CPI will deliver a more convenient EV charging experience through contactless payments using a touch screen, which provides more space to show the full transaction details, as well as instantly securing a receipt.

Doug Haddon, Vice-President, EV Connectivity, Crane Payment Innovations, said : “The integration of CPI’s cutting-edge contactless payment systems in Clenergy EV’s flexible charging platform is a game-changer. It’s not just about providing an essential service; it’s about enhancing the user experience, fostering confidence in EV infrastructure, and expanding consumers’ payment choices.”

With over 50,000 public charge points in the UK, accessibility to EV charge point infrastructure is improving and industry collaboration like this is ensuring it does not stall. By partnering with these key EV charging industry stalwarts, Clenergy is offering EV drivers better flexibility to plan their journeys based on the availability of compatible EV charging stations as well as providing payment processes that work, even in remote areas with poor signal. It is giving drivers confidence that if they need to charge at any point in their journey, a variety of options are available, which is going some way to helping the wider EV industry to address potential issues like EV driver charge and range anxiety.

In addition to these new services, by December 31st, users of the residential Clenergy EV app will also be able to turn their EV Charger into a Smart Charger, allowing them to schedule charges so they benefit from cheaper night time tariffs, and to set variable tariffs should they rent out their drive to friends and neighbours. Soon after, home users will also be able to take advantage of demand flexibility services as soon as a new partnership with a major energy supplier is announced.

Will David, CEO at Clenergy EV explained: “A seamless public EV charging experience is vital for any driver making the switch to electric. With this in mind, any organisation rolling out public EV infrastructure, or transitioning a fleet to electric, will want to ensure that its EV software partner is actively facilitating eRoaming and contactless payment. By working collaboratively, taking charge and opening up the public charge point network, the EV eRoaming and CPI partnerships are giving drivers’ greater flexibility – which will, in turn, will help to further accelerate the adoption of commercial and consumer electric vehicles. At Clenergy we stand for innovating to create better EV solutions for the future, and this partnership is an example of that in practice.”

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