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Compleo Unveils Revolutionary 200 kW High Power EV Charger


CHARGING solutions innovator Compleo has unveiled its eTower 200 high-power charger which is poised to redefine the EV charging experience for Charge Point Operators (CPOs) aiming to upgrade on-the-go charging for electric vehicle drivers.

With the capability to deliver 200 kW ultra-fast charging for two vehicles simultaneously, the charger allows EVs to tackle hundreds of miles in less than half an hour. The charge point’s innovative power distribution system ensures power is shared where it’s needed most. The unit’s seven power modules balance power distribution to both vehicles, depending on each EV’s charging curve and state of charge, establishing a new benchmark for charging speed and energy efficiency.

Key Features of the Compleo eTower 200:


  • User-Friendly Design: The eTower 200 features an integrated payment terminal, chip and pin pad, and a bright all-weather display, ensuring accessibility for all users, following German standards.
  • Installation Simplicity: With a pre-installed wire hub, the eTower can be easily lowered by forklift onto the hub, eliminating the need for cranes or complex wiring processes.
  • Compact and Attractive: The eTower’s slimline design, with a 2m height, makes it ideal for space-conscious areas such as multi-storey car parks or back-to-back installations.
  • Visibility and Indicators: External LED strips enhance accessibility and usability, making the unit visible from a distance while acting as charge indicators.
  • Low Noise: Operating at just 55dB at a 1-meter distance, the eTower is suitable for residential use without causing disturbance, thanks to its air ventilation system.
  • Power and Efficiency: The eTower is equipped with seven onboard power modules, ensuring efficient charging at greater than 96% efficiency.

Amongst the eTower’s unique technological innovations is its advanced air ventilation system. This ensures durability by keeping electronic components unaffected by dust and humidity. This couples with low noise pollution and streamlined design, the smallest service area of any all-in-one charger of its class, to form a formidable offering for all businesses.

The eTower’s design, with interchangeable power modules and easy maintenance access, means the charge point can be serviced and repaired with ease. These features culminate in a versatile charge point for all businesses and users.

The new charger will start shipping to UK customers in May, with a focus for the UK team on training service suppliers for seamless installations and maintenance in the meantime.




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