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Electric Motorcycles can help the industry reach a new audience

FOR a deposit of just £90 and a monthly repayment of £90.87 using PCP finance, buyers can embrace the shift to electric vehicles with an electric motorcycle and do their bit to improve the environment.

It is also an ideal, cost-effective commuting option that opens up two-wheel travel to a new audience.

Julian Oliver, MotoNovo Finance’s National Motorcycle Manager, points to the cost of train commuting and the increase in hybrid working as an opportunity for the motorcycle industry to encourage new buyers to embrace the powered electric two-wheel proposition.

He said: “The cost and, sadly, the unpredictability of train commuting are joining with the emergence of hybrid and flexible working as a permanent feature of how we live and work. People are not travelling to work every day, making season tickets inappropriate and often expensive. Many others work in the night-time economy when public transport can often be limited. While a car can be a good option, there are of course higher costs to contend with for its purchase, insurance and usage. With an electric motorcycle, people can access the convenience and control of their own transport and do so very affordably.”

People may be concerned about range and charging issues, but in the example of a Seat MO used in our monthly cost example, the range is 85 miles, and the battery pack can be removed easily and be fully charged in any 240V socket in just six hours. Some of the electric motorcycles we finance have ranges up to 270 miles.”

For non-traditional bikers, the switch to two wheels can be remarkably straightforward;

  • Low maintenance costs – not even an oil change is required
  • Cheap to run
  • Easy to ride – with no gears, it is twist and go
  • Familiar – the braking is much like a bicycle
  • No Low Emission Zone fees or road fund licence
  • Quiet

For many traditional bikers, electric motorcycles lack the total engagement of a conventional petrol machine. It is why as one of those traditionalists, Oliver is so passionate that these new bikes can open up a new market, adding: “I love my traditional bike, but in testing an electric motorcycle, I was struck by the fact that I am not its market because much of my use is leisure based. However, if I was commuting into a city daily, the ease, flexibility, cost and independence of electricity make sense; after all, how many train journey commutes will I get for under £100 in a month?”

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