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EV charging costs in Europe surge by 21%

NEW research from reveals the up-to-date costs of charging an electric vehicle (EV) in Europe, from the cheapest to the most expensive countries.

Denmark and Belgium are still the costliest spots to charge an EV in Europe, while countries like Czechzia, Romania and Latvia have moved into the top 10 most expensive list.

Kosovo was the cheapest country to charge an EV costing an average of €3.92 per full charge: €32.25 less than Denmark, which was the most expensive.

Top 10 most expensive countries to charge an electric car in Europe

The most expensive countries to charge EVs tend to have a higher EV market share of new car sales and more electric and hybrid vehicles on the road, with the exception of Cyprus and Czechia.

1. Denmark

Average cost to charge: €36.17

Average cost 100km: €10.53

2. Belgium

Average cost to charge: €27.66

Average cost 100km: €8.05

3. Czechia

Average cost to charge: €23.68

Average cost 100km: €6.90

4. Italy

Average cost to charge: €22.43

Average cost 100km: €6.53

5. Romania

Average cost to charge:  €21.01

Average cost 100km: €6.12

6. Germany

Average cost to charge: €20.68

Average cost 100km: €6.02

7. Spain

Average cost to charge: €20.64

Average cost 100km: €6.01

8. Cyprus

Average cost to charge:  €20.09

Average cost 100km: €5.85

9. Ireland

Average cost to charge: €16.63

Average cost 100km: €4.87

10. Latvia

Average cost to charge:  €18.43

Average cost 100km: €5.37

Top 10 cheapest countries to charge an electric car in Europe 

The cheapest places in Europe to run an electric vehicle are primarily in central and southeastern Europe, where EV ownership is less popular. These countries tend to have lower sales and a smaller EV market share due to the prohibitive costs of many electric and hybrids.

1. Kosovo

Average cost to charge: €3.92

Average cost 100km: €1.14

2. Georgia

Average cost to charge:  €5.21

Average cost 100km: €1.52

3. Serbia

Average cost to charge: €5.35

Average cost 100km: €1.56

4. Bosnia and Herzegovina

Average cost to charge: €5.50

Average cost 100km: €1.60

5. Albania

Average cost to charge: €6.01

Average cost 100km: €1.75

6. Montenegro

Average cost to charge: €6.05

Average cost 100km: €1.76

7. North Macedonia

Average cost to charge: €6.35

Average cost 100km: €1.85

8. Hungary

Average cost to charge: €6.68

Average cost 100km: €1.94

 9. Bulgaria

Average cost to charge: €7.07

Average cost 100km: €2.06

 10. Malta

Average cost to charge: €7.87

Average cost 100km: €2.29

Eoin Clarke Commercial Director of said: “Although our latest research found the cost of charging an electric car has spiked across most EU countries, EVs are still nowhere near as costly to run as petrol or diesel vehicles. As more consumers avoid hefty fuel-pump prices amid spiralling inflation,  the EV market continues to boom.

“The average EU cost of charging is on the up, but prices still fluctuate hugely by country and depend on things like the use of renewables in the country’s energy mix, and the amount of levies and subsidies available. As more drivers go electric, some EU governments are slowly phasing out initiatives like purchase grants or tax benefits, so now’s the time to buy if you’ve been eyeing up an electric car.

“Make sure you do your research beforehand though;  shop around for the best deal, take advantage of all the incentives and don’t leave any savings on the table.”

“You could also save money by switching your energy supplier. Some suppliers offer tariffs designed for electric car drivers with discounts for charging your car times of the day when energy is cheaper.”

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