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Government promises further clarity on ZEV mandate

THE Government has confirmed that it will stick with its 2030 date to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles, and has announced further funding for electric vehicles and a consultation on the Zero Emission Vehicle mandate.

The final consultation for the proposed ZEV mandate has been launched and is set to run for two months. It will require manufacturers to gradually increase the percentage of electric car and van sales from 2024.

The proposed minimum ZEV target trajectory for new cars sold begins at 22% next year and will increase to eight in 10 in 2030, before reaching 100% in 2035.

Targets are slightly different for new vans, with 10% needing to be zero emission next year followed by a 70% target in 2030, and 100% percent in the mid-2030s.

Ben Nelmes, Chief Executive of green motoring consultancy New AutoMotive, said: “The government’s latest electric vehicle proposals are a further step toward a net zero Britain, targeting the car and van emissions that account for almost 20% of the country’s total emissions output. It will make electric vehicles more accessible, saving motorists around £1.93 billion in running costs, and provide green British businesses with the certainty they need to grow.

“It is positive that the government has accepted our recommendation and is targeting a faster switch to electric vans, but ministers must make sure that there are no loopholes in the scheme that allow some manufacturers to avoid doing their fair share.”

Andrew Wescott, Director of Sustainability and Regulation at Addison Lee, added: The launch of the ZEV mandate is an important signal to the entire EV market in the UK. We know that more charging infrastructure is required and, if properly implemented, the ZEV mandate will give charge point operators the confidence to invest in the charging network, and fleet operators the ability to more readily shift to fully electric vehicles.

“The current lack of charging infrastructure and high energy prices are challenging the adoption of EVs by fleets and professional drivers. While today marks an important step by Government, it’s critical that charge point operators continue to work with private companies, such as ourselves, and the public sector to rapidly accelerate the rollout of affordable EV charging across the network.”

Reaffirming the commitment to the Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) mandate is a bold step forward from Government said Nick Williams, Transport Managing Director, Lloyds Banking Group, adding: “It sends a clear message to both industry and drivers that the future of motoring is electric. Today’s consultation announcement is a step closer to understanding how the plans will work in practice but, as ever, the devil remains in the detail.

“With nine months to go until it comes into force, the new ZEV mandate will increase the availability of electric vehicles and create greater competition in the market, providing drivers and businesses with more choice”

Fiona Howarth, Chief Executive of Octopus Electric Vehicles, said: “The wheels for the EV revolution are firmly in motion. The ZEV mandate will set the roadmap towards 2030 zero emissions transport – cutting harmful emissions for both people and the planet.

“The industry needs clarity and decisive action to place the UK EV market in pole position. We need to end our reliance on imported fossil fuels as we transition to zero emission vehicles powered by homegrown green energy.

“The devil will be in the detail, and this is our chance to further drive down costs and encourage new models to enter the market, giving drivers access to cheaper, greener, tech on wheels transport.”





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