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GRIDSERVE map showing 50 new locations

Gridserve hits milestone of 50 new Electric Super Hubs

GRIDSERVE is leading a major transformation of the UK’s electric charging infrastructure in 2023, particularly across Motorway Service Areas, to give EV drivers complete range and charging confidence and help accelerate the transition to net zero transport.

It has reached a milestone so far in 2023 of having 50 new Electric Super Hubs locations either already open, awaiting energisation, or in construction as part of phase one of its 2023 delivery plans, with dozens of additional sites now also being prepared for construction.

The speed and scale of the first phase of this rollout will add over 400 of the world’s fastest chargepoints to the Gridserve Electric Highway, more than doubling the number of these type of chargepoints currently available. The High Power chargepoints are capable of delivering 100 miles of range only five minutes, although the fastest charging cars currently available take about 10 minutes. Phase two of the transformation will see hundreds more High Power chargepoints added later this year.

The new Electric Super Hub sites are spread across England, Scotland and Wales, providing High Power charging on the UK’s busiest routes, as well as Electric Retail Hubs at popular shopping destinations, making charging on the go more convenient than ever before.

To achieve such a fast-paced transformation, Gridserve is also using innovative technology to minimise issues caused by grid connection lead times. Moto Ferrybridge, for example, features a temporary microgrid that uses batteries and vegetable oil, while Cornwall Services uses a combination of a 100kW grid connection, lithium-ion batteries, solar energy and the latest software developed by Gridserve Technologies to provide High Power Charging.

Toddington Harper, Chief Executive of Gridserve, said: “t’s clear that the climate crisis is upon us, and it’s critical we continue to increase our pace – we are now also immediately commencing our phase 2-rollout, with the target to also deliver hundreds more High Power chargepoints this year.”

Gridserve will also open another of its Electric Forecourts this year at London Gatwick, the first of its kind worldwide at an international airport. Planning permission is also approved at several other sites including Nevendon, Gateshead, Plymouth, Stevenage and Markham Vale, with more than 30 additional sites also under development.

To make it as easy as possible for customers to charge their electric vehicles, all Gridserve locations feature CCS, CHAdeMO, and AC connectors, accept contactless payment and provide real-time status updates to a myriad of popular EV charging maps. The chargepoints are powered by 100% net zero carbon energy from the company’s pioneering hybrid solar + battery farms. A GRIDSERVE Super App is also under development, that will provide many additional features.


Electric Super Hub locations already opened in 2023: 

Moto Blyth (A1(M))
Moto Cherwell Valley (M40)
Cornwall Services (A30)
Moto Ferrybridge (M62/A1(M))
Moto Grantham (A1)
Moto Leeming Bar (A1(M))
Moto Pease Pottage (M23)
Moto Reading (W) (23/12)
Solstice Park (A303)
Abbey Retail Park St Ives (A14)
Dobbies Swindon
Moto Washington North A1(M)
Moto Washington South A1(M)
Roadchef Watford Gap North (M1)
Roadchef Watford Gap South (M1)

Moto Grantham (A1) – extension

Moto Scotch Corner (A1)


Electric Super Hub locations awaiting energisation or in construction (in alphabetical order): 

Roadchef Annandale Water (A74(M))

Roadchef Bothwell (M74)

Moto Cardiff West (M4)

Roadchef Chester (M56)

Moto Chieveley (M4)

Roadchef Clacket Lane East (M25)

Roadchef Clacket Lane West (M25)

Roadchef Durham (A1(M))

Dobbies Edinburgh

Moto Exeter (M5)  – extension

Moto Frankley Southbound (M5)

London Gatwick Airport

Dobbies Gloucester

Moto Hilton Park North (M6)

Roadchef Killington Lake (M6)

Kingsway Retail Park, Derby

Moto Kinross (M90)

Moto Lancaster Northbound (M6)

Moto Lancaster Southbound (M6)

Dobbies Leicester

Dobbies Liverpool

Moto Medway East (M2)

Moto Medway West (M2)

Monkswood Retail Park, Stevenage

Moorlands Centre, Lincoln

Roadchef Northampton North (M1)

Priory Fields Retail Park, Taunton

Roadchef Sandbach North (M6)

Roadchef Sandbach South (M6)

The Slough Retail Park, Slough

Dobbies Stockton

Roadchef Strensham North (M5)

Moto Tamworth (M42)

Teals Farm Shop (A303)








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