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Keep your EV warm this winter

AS temperatures drop and the weather becomes more turbulent, electric vehicle experts at DriveElectric have offered advice on how to keep your EV healthy.
Mike Potter, Chief Executive at DriveElectric said: “No matter the type of car you drive, the change in weather can affect the efficiency. Whether it be engines overheating or tyre blowouts in the summer, or icy windshields and overworked heaters in the winter- problems can occur if drivers do not prepare properly.”
“With this in mind, I have given my top tips to keep your EV healthy during colder months”
  • Keep your EV’s battery level topped up!

We recommend that during colder months try to keep your EV battery between 20% and 80%. This is when car batteries are the most efficient, although, don’t worry if you need to go above or below these figures on a longer journey.
  • Warm up your EV before you need it.

While your EV is still plugged in you can pre-warm the cabin and windscreen, this means they’re not using additional battery energy to do it when you start your journey.
  • If your EV has a precondition function then use it when you need to charge on-the-go.

Some EVs, like Tesla, have a smart preconditioning function which gets the EV’s battery ready for it’s next charge. This is perfect for ensuring you have a faster recharging experience, saving you time and money.
  • Warm up your passengers- not your car

Having heaters on full blast can drain an electric vehicle’s battery, but a lot of the time this is unnecessary.  Using an electric car’s heated seats and heated steering wheels uses far less energy than using the air conditioning unit, which will considerably improve your EV’s range during colder months.
  • Check your tyres.

Tyres are a key part of a car’s performance, whether it’s a petrol, diesel or electric vehicle. When the temperature starts to drop, you’ll notice that the air in your tyres contracts and the pressure falls.
Make sure you regularly check your tyres’ pressure throughout the winter to make sure they are inflated to the correct level for your vehicle.
If you live somewhere that experiences a lot of cold weather, you might want to look into investing in winter tyres. This will maximise your vehicle’s range and make your EV safer to drive.
  • Drive Efficiently

Cold weather can affect an electric car’s battery and range, which can be reduced by up to 20%. To help preserve the battery it is recommended to avoid sudden braking and acceleration, which can waste energy. Smooth and steady driving will help to conserve battery power.

  • Keep your vehicle plugged in

If you have a home charger, it is a good idea for you to keep your EV plugged in if you are not driving it for an extended period of time. This will help maintain the battery’s charge and keep it warm, which reduces the risk of degradation.




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