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Peer-to-peer EV sharing platform launches 

ZOOM EV has launched peer-to-peer sharing on its electric vehicle sharing rental platform, enabling owners to share their EVs with other drivers within an eco-conscious online community.

Statistically cars sit idle for at least 95% of the time, but through Zoom, EV owners can earn revenue from their EVs when they are not being used. With more of us not using cars due to flexible working practices, our cars are remaining stationary for longer, making it a great opportunity.

Electric car owners simply have to list their cars on the platform to earn money from their EV. Comprehensive insurance coverage for EV usage is embedded within the platform and provided by Churchill Expert – part of UKI Group which owns Direct Line Group and Churchill.

Owners register for free, add their electric or plug-in hybrid car’s information including photos, set prices and availability for the vehicle to be used.

Hiring out an EV twice per week for two to three hours a session through the platform would enable the owner to bring in over £250 per month – which equates to £3,000 per year.

Owners can accept or reject bookings, and they just need to meet their guest to hand over the keys.

Users register with their driving licence and then search the online map and book time slots through the platform. Once confirmed, they simply arrive at the agreed time and drive away. Convenience is key, as cars can be collected off the street or from the owner’s home

Greg Fairbotham, founder and CEO of Zoom EV said: “EVs are becoming ever more popular and our platform is giving more people the opportunity to experience modern driving. We want to connect people with EVs that are conveniently located to them and available when they need them.

“Whether you need an EV for personal reasons such as a day out with friends or you’re going on staycation or business reasons such as travelling to a work meeting / workshop , our platform can provide the flexibility and convenience users need. We’re building a platform that caters for all types of uses that includes privately owned and dealership vehicles.

“People listing their cars can turn them into cash generators rather than having a depreciating asset sitting stationary on the driveway. It’s a win, win, win for the owner, the user and for the planet. Especially with the cost of living at the moment, it’s a great way to be offsetting rising costs easily.”


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