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Review: Citroën ë-Berlingo Van M 50kWh Driver Edition


What is it?

It’s the electric version of Citroën’s latest update to its popular small city van and the range has been increased by 20% to 205 miles

Ever since the 2CV van, Citroën has been a major player in this competitive market. The three successive generations of Berlingo Van have kept evolving to meet the needs of professionals. In terms of exterior styling, the new Berlingo Van features the brand’s latest design, with a new more upright front end – with redeveloped radiator grille, bumper and headlamps.

The passenger compartment has been redesigned, and now features a new more ergonomic dashboard. The quality of the finish has also been improved. The new dashboard integrates a new 10-inch high-definition touchscreen. The steering wheel is also new, and features buttons for cruise control and the audio system. On the electric version, paddles have been added behind the steering wheel to manage energy recovery depending on the current charge level.

The new Berlingo Van is available with Citroën’s new Advanced Comfort seats, which will be appreciated by all professionals who spend hours in their vehicle every day. Exclusive to Citroën, the Advanced Comfort  seats are based on an elaborate architecture, include special lateral supports and are enveloped in high-quality foam and fabric.

User comfort is key to optimum professional performance. Therefore, the new Berlingo Van is shifting up a gear, offering users the latest technologies to make everyday life easier. New Berlingo Van features new infotainment systems:

  • Entry-level vehicles get My Citroën Play, complete with smartphone station, an integrated smartphone docking station with DAB. Drivers can connect their smartphone to their car and listen to music or make calls via the car’s audio system, as well as using their smartphone’s navigation app. To enhance driver safety, the system can be controlled from the steering wheel or via the smartphone’s voice recognition. It’s a fully-fledged extension of the smartphone for drivers.
  • The new Berlingo Van can fit two levels of 10″ screens in the centre of its new dashboard. A touch screen for controlling Citroën’s new multimedia systems:
    • The new My Citroën Play infotainment system, combined with a standard 10″ screen, can be used to listen to the radio and includes a wireless smartphone replication function, compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Ergonomically designed, it also displays the vehicle’s reversing camera.
    • The new My Citroën Drive Plus system, combined with a high-definition 10″ screen Available with connected 3D navigation, is extremely easy to use. Drawing inspiration from smartphone widgets, you can use it to manage various media functions. The high-definition screen can also be used to display the feed from the reversing camera.
  • A handy wireless smartphone charger is located on the centre console, available as part of the Techno pack, which also includes keyless entry and start and automatic climate control. Two USB sockets are available.

CrewVan Dashboard.jpg 1

Increasing comfort also means reducing the driver’s workload. To this end, the new Berlingo is available with a range of new driving aids.


  • Upgraded Dynamic Surround Vision displayed directly on the central rear-view mirror. As it is often difficult to get a precise idea of your surroundings when driving a panel van, the new Berlingo Van has been fitted with two cameras: one above the rear doors, and a new one under the exterior rear-view mirror on the passenger side. Projected directly onto the wide digital central rear-view mirror, the image gives you a constant view of what’s happening behind you – just like in a normal car. When parking, the projected image compensates for any blind spots you might have.
  • Enhanced parking aids. New Berlingo Van is now equipped with obstacle sensors distributed between the front and rear of the vehicle.
  • Technology that makes life easier: New on Berlingo van, the Highway Driver Assist combines adaptive cruise control with stop and go, and lane centring assistance. It complements a range of technologies for greater comfort and safety, including driver tiredness warning, road sign reading, lane keeping assist, automatic emergency braking with pedestrian and cyclist detection, speed limit


Citroën offers a wide selection of efficient powertrains for the new Berlingo Van. Internal combustion engines include the PureTech 110 bhp petrol and the BlueHDi 100 bhp and 130 bhp diesel engines. The ë-Berlingo retains its 100% electric powertrain, which delivers 100 kW (136 bhp) and a maximum torque of 260 Nm, combined with a new 54 kWh battery.

What do we think?

Thanks to the work done on improving efficiency, the zero-emission range of the new ë-Berlingo Van can now cover up to 205 mile (WLTP Mixt cycle, currently under certification) – 20% further than the previous model.  This distance can be optimised thanks to the new regenerative braking system, which can be activated based on three different regeneration levels using steering-wheel-mounted paddles.

That said, winter weather does come into play. An 86 mile round trip is the cold and rain chewed up 117 miles of range and that’s with no load – and weight is generally a great killer of battery range. CrewVan Dashboard.jpg 2

The three familiar driving modes are still available, depending on how the vehicle is being used: Eco for maximum range, Power for maximum performance, and Normal. Ë-Berlingo Van can be fitted with an optional heat pump to keep the passenger compartment warm in winter without drawing on battery power, thereby helping to maximise its range.

Ë-Berlingo Van has a 7.4 kW on-board charger and can be fitted with an optional 11 kW three-phase charger for easy recharging. Using a 7.4 kW wallbox, the battery can be fully recharged in 7.5 hours. This is reduced to 5 hours with an 11 kW wallbox. Ë-Berlingo Van is at the top of its segment in terms of accelerated recharge time: 30 minutes to charge the battery from 0% to 80% via a 100 kW public charging point.

The new Berlingo Van retains the modularity and load volume that made its predecessor such a success. It is available with 2 or 3 seats and in two lengths (M – 4.40 m, and XL – 4.75 m) for all engine types. It has a total capacity of up to 4.40 m3 and a payload of 1 tonne (780 kg for the electric version). Berlingo Van also comes in an extended cab version. The backrest of the central seat can be folded down to convert it into a writing table, and the side seat can be folded away to allow long loads to be carried.


Citroën ë-Berlingo Van M 50kWh Driver Edition

Basic Price (excl VAT): £31,485 (includes £2,500 PiVG)
Total price including options: £33,605 (includes £2,500 PiVG)

Warranty: 3 years
Battery warranty: 8 years or 100,00 miles
Service intervals: 25,000 miles or 2 years
Annual VED: £0
BiK banding 1%
Insurance group: TBC

Battery: Lithium-Ion 50kWh
Power Train: Electric
Maximum Power (Kw (hp) / rpm): 100 (136) / 5500
Torque (Nm @ RPM): 260 @ 3674
Charging Port: Combined CCS / Type 2

Top speed: 84mph
0-62mph: 11.7 seconds
WLTP Range (Combined – City): Up to 167 – 257 miles

CO2 emissions: 0g

Kerb weight | Gross vehicle weight: 1607kg | 2410kg
Gross train weight: 3160kg
Load Volume (m3): 3.3

Slow Charge via 8A domestic electrical plug (1.8Kw): 31 hours
Accelerated Charge via Single Phase wallbox (0-100% battery capacity): 7 hours 30 minutes
Rapid Charger via 100 kW DC Charger: 30 minutes

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