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Charging Infrastructure

LeasePlan tackles EV charging etiquette with launch of dashboard timer

Launch follows the recent move by Aberdeen and Sheffield city councils to charge drivers who stay too long in EV chargepoints. More local authorities are expected to follow suit in a bid to cut down long queues caused by the growing number of EV registrations.

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Charging Infrastructure

How good is your understanding of EVs?

In a recent survey of 2,000 UK motorists, just 23% rate their understanding of electric vehicles as good or excellent, while 38% believe that their knowledge is poor or very poor. This is despite the fact that there are now almost 1.1 million electrified vehicles on UK roads as the country moves towards the 2030 ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars.

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Charging Infrastructure

New smart EV charger and free app aim to keep EV drivers on the road

The ivie EV Charger and the ivie Charge app deliver smart home charging features, such as the opportunity to set your own charging schedule, with the bonus of useful public charging functionality at over 9,000 public charge points nationally, to be rolled out to ivie EV Charger users ahead of general release. 

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Charging Infrastructure

RAW Charging to deliver EV Charging across National Trust places

Over the next three years, RAW will install EV charging at suitable sites across the Trust’s portfolio in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, ensuring the location and design sympathetically integrates the infrastructure into its environment. 

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Charging Infrastructure

Charging worries? – myths exploded

In fact, as the average real-world range of an electric car in 2023 is 219 miles, the average UK driver will be able to drive for almost a fortnight on a single charge. To prevent UK motorists from falling for common charging myths, Gridserve has debunked six of the most common myths at the root of charge anxiety.

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Supermarket charging stations plagued by connection issues

Taking a sample of 20 major UK cities, excluding London, and only looking at supermarket sites within a 12 mile radius of the city centre, LeaseLoco found a large number of charging devices were out of order.

Charging Infrastructure

APCOA signs charging deal with Compleo

The deal will see Compleo UK deliver a further 1000 AC charging stations by the end of 2024. It furthers the relationship between APCOA and Compleo after their initial partnership saw 451 AC chargers being installed across six Network Rail public car parks last year.

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Charging Infrastructure

Which local authorities are doing their bit for the charging network?

Analysing the number of public chargers per 100,000 residents across the UK, Citroën found Welwyn Hatfield had recorded the highest percentage increase since October 2019, with a 754% rise in charging devices available. There are now 90.4 charging devices per 100,000 people in the borough, up from 10.6 in 2019.

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Charging Infrastructure

EV adoption slows as cost of charging emerges as a barrier

The research also found some of the traditional barriers to buying an EV have diminished since last year, notably access to charging points (-12%) and cost of purchase (-21%). However, concerns over the cost of charging saw the biggest year-on-year increase (+12%).

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Charging Infrastructure

EV Charging: saving the environment or breaking the bank?

The true cost of electric charging is the question on everyone’s mind, but the answer is anything but simple. This can depend on multiple things, including whether or not the charging station is public or private.




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