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Charging Infrastructure

Industry pioneers unite to announce major shake-up of the UK’s EV charging market

Partnership will see a unique delivery model rolled out across the country, with businesses able to access the complete end-to-end EV charging infrastructure, including full installation and management of Landis+Gyr’s premium EV charging solutions, fixed national pricing, ‘tap and go’ payment processes, and the ability to earn revenues or offset energy bills from chargepoint use. 

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Why are so many UK EV chargers broken?

As of the end of April 2023, there were over 42,000 public EV charging points in the UK, with a significant number of additional charging points being located in workplace environments. To put things into perspective, as of June 2022 this number had already reached over 30,000, having now increased to over 42,000 in just one year.

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Businesses offering on-site charging set to double

One of the considerations that businesses need to think through is the mix of charging points which they install. One set of drivers may need access to a rapid charger to get sufficient additional miles, while for another group of drivers a slower charger will be adequate.

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Changing the charging rules – better late than never

Recent negative publicity about charge point queues and problems with recharging on the move will have prompted many consumers to question if EVs are right for them. But the Government is belatedly starting to flex its muscles. The Public Charge Point Regulations 2023 set out a series of quality and availability standards for charge points

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Charging Infrastructure

Government announces new EV charge point rules

The new legislation includes the requirement for new public chargepoints to incorporate contactless payment within one year from the date of the regulations coming into force. Existing chargepoints will also need to introduce contactless payment within one year of the legislation’s introduction.

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Charging Infrastructure

Government needs to do more to speed EV uptake

A poll of 2,000 adults found 63% consider the retail price to be the biggest downside of EVs.
Just 15% of those who don’t own an EV are ‘likely’ to make the switch within the next 12 months – but 60% would be more inclined to go electric if the vehicles were cheaper. 

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Osprey opens Devon hub

Osprey has installed as many chargers in the first quarter of this year as it did during the whole of 2022. From January to March this year, 142 new rapid Osprey EV charging stations went live in 10 weeks, equaling the number of charge points installed throughout 2022.

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Charging Infrastructure

LeasePlan tackles EV charging etiquette with launch of dashboard timer

Launch follows the recent move by Aberdeen and Sheffield city councils to charge drivers who stay too long in EV chargepoints. More local authorities are expected to follow suit in a bid to cut down long queues caused by the growing number of EV registrations.

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Charging Infrastructure

How good is your understanding of EVs?

In a recent survey of 2,000 UK motorists, just 23% rate their understanding of electric vehicles as good or excellent, while 38% believe that their knowledge is poor or very poor. This is despite the fact that there are now almost 1.1 million electrified vehicles on UK roads as the country moves towards the 2030 ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars.

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Charging Infrastructure

New smart EV charger and free app aim to keep EV drivers on the road

The ivie EV Charger and the ivie Charge app deliver smart home charging features, such as the opportunity to set your own charging schedule, with the bonus of useful public charging functionality at over 9,000 public charge points nationally, to be rolled out to ivie EV Charger users ahead of general release. 





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