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Clenergy puts customer choice at the heart of EV driving

New ‘e-roaming’ partnerships include the likes of Shell Recharge, Total, Ionity, Osprey, Charge Point inc, EVBox and Power Dot, among many others. And will offer Clenergy customers using its EV driver App the ability to locate, connect, and charge their EV instantly from a wider choice of charge points than last year. This means they can now take advantage of 250,000 charge points across 42 countries in Europe using the Clenergy EV app, their bank card, Apple or Google pay, or a pre-loaded Clenergy card in case of a wifi blackspot.

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InstaVolt plugs into Octopus Electroverse in charge towards EV future

InstaVolt is the UK’s largest ultra-rapid public charging network, operating 1,300+ ultra-rapid and rapid charge points across 550+ locations up and down the UK.  An ultra-rapid charge point can charge an average EV from 20% to 80% in 15-20 minutes – enough time for a quick coffee break. 

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New metering deals set to fast-track 10,000 new EV charging points

Deals will see Siemens provide Be.EV, Blink Charging and Evyve with metering and commissioning services for every new charging point at the operators’ sites. The charge point operators say this move will see them navigate the capacity constraints of energy firms – often the principal suppliers of metering technology – and help them install the charging infrastructure much quicker.

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Osprey opens Devon hub

Osprey has installed as many chargers in the first quarter of this year as it did during the whole of 2022. From January to March this year, 142 new rapid Osprey EV charging stations went live in 10 weeks, equaling the number of charge points installed throughout 2022.

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Charging Infrastructure

ChargeUK is the new voice of the EV charging industry

Members of ChargeUK have announced they will invest over £6 billion installing and operating new EV charging infrastructure by 2030. They will install tens of thousands of new chargers this year, with the aim of doubling the size of the network through 2023. 





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